‘I think the Democrats just threatened me’: Mass creepy letter not a Halloween joke

Democrats traditionally struggle with voter turnout in midterm elections, but are they willing to go so far as to threaten voters to get them to the polls this year?

One voter feels as if a letter he received from the New York State Democratic Committee may have done just that.

“We will be reviewing voting records . . . to determine whether you joined your neighbors who voted in 2014. If you do not vote this year, we will be interested to hear why not,” the ominous letter reads.

Jonathan Coulton posted an image of the “creepy letter” on Twitter — have a look and see if you pick up on a veiled threat:

According to The New York Post, the letter went out to 1 million registered Democrats who did not vote in the previous midterm election, and included a report card that rated voters — the grades were “excellent,” “good,” “fair” or “incomplete.”

The party said it received a number of calls about the letter, but defended it nonetheless.

Peter Kauffmann, a committee spokesman, told the Post: “This flier is part of the nationwide Democratic response to traditional Republican voter-suppression efforts, because Democrats believe our democracy works better when more people vote, not less.”

Or else!

Interestingly, voters in Florida were dealing with a similar occurrence.

As might be expected, social media users were quick to respond to Coultin’s tweet with their own take on the letter — here are a few replies, as seen on Twitter:

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15 thoughts on “‘I think the Democrats just threatened me’: Mass creepy letter not a Halloween joke

  1. Kenneth Clark says:

    “…and included a report card that rated voters — the grades were “excellent,” “good,” “fair” or “incomplete.””

    But the Progressive Liberals don’t like grades. They may “Hurt” somebodies feelings. But, yet they grade voters. What hypocrites and liars.

    1. RebeccaLButton says:

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  2. CarolineJenkins says:

    I’m thinking that about half of them can’t even read the letter.

  3. Johnson_Grande says:

    TRANSLATION: “Vote Dem, or we’ll kill your entire family”. 0’Bola-Crat Communists have a long, toxic, Communistic history of union thuggary, murder, extortion, blackmail, violence, assassination, and they just plain SUCK!

  4. sherry8260 says:

    So they blame “Republican voter oppression”. Wtf even *is* that? They act like thugs and defend it, blaming the Republicans for their actions. They are effing thugs. They can spin, blame and justify until their retarded brains explode. If I got this letter I would copy it and send the copy back with a note saying they can shove their threats up their asses…that I was voting but I was voting Republican for the simple reason that I do not tolerate bullies. Then tell them I’m hanging onto this threatening letter and showing it to everyone all over the internet so they can see what kind of thuggery the Democrats resort to.

    1. TexasJester says:

      Of course it’s voter suppression. We don’t want illegal aliens voting, nor the dead, nor pets or fictitious characters. We don’t want people to vote numerous times. Because of this, we are “suppressing the vote”, and thus preventing dims from winning seats.

      Voter fraud and election fraud are the only way democrats can win elections; they can’t win on their “merits”…

  5. Anthony says:

    Time to start voting Republican Jonathan. Just remember, not only have Republicans never done this in the entire existence of the party, but the Democrats are really the ones that attempt voter suppression. Republicans simply want to make sure that only people that are legally allowed to vote are the ones voting, which by Democrat standards would constitute to less people, as they want people that aren’t allowed to vote legally to vote and they use dead people as well.

  6. LMW51 says:

    To “counter” Republican voter “suppression”? Really?

    You mean when the GOP and the American people say that they want only LEGAL American citizens to vote?

    1. TexasJester says:

      And vote ONLY ONCE per election! And we don’t want dead people, pets, and Mickey Mouse voting!

  7. tbird90sc says:

    They’ll send Lenny and Guido by to pick you up and … take you for a ride.

  8. neilperry71 says:

    In many ways, today’s liberals are kind of like socialists.

    1. CaptainCommonsense says:

      In many more ways, your spambot army is like a malignant cancer.

      1. TexasJester says:

        Yes, democrats are a cancer upon this land..

    2. TexasJester says:

      “Kind of like”? I think you mean they ARE socialists…

  9. Raptor136 says:

    I didn’t vote cuz you people are nukin futz #Dems*k

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