‘It’s got to stop!’ Family of lawman killed by twice-deported illegal alien demand border security

The family of one of two lawmen killed in California last week by an illegal alien who’d been deported to Mexico twice but returned undaunted appeared on Fox’s “Hannity” Wednesday night with one simple message for President Obama and the country:

“It’s got to stop.”

The federal government’s failure to secure the border – the basic responsibility of any sovereign nation – is directly responsible for the presence in this country of Enrique Monroy-Bracamonte, the twice-deported Mexican national who gunned down Plasser County Detective Michael Davis Jr. and Sacramento County Deputy Sheriff Danny Oliver.

Monroy-Bracamonte also badly wounded another lawman as well as a motorist.

Two of Davis’s aunts, Pam Davis Owens and Vickie Ikenberry, told host Sean Hannity they were overwhelmed by support they’d gotten from the American public since their nephew’s death, but that politicians had given them zero help.

And they don’t expect much more.  Hannity asked Ikenberry how she would react if Obama were to offer condolences personally for the family’s loss (the way he calls upset birth control activists and budding gay football players).

“I’m not even sure, I don’t know if I can be kind because I think his words would fall on deaf ears,” she answered. “I just don’t think I can handle him saying he’s sorry.”

What made their nephew’s death worse – if that’s even possible – is that it occurred 26 years to the day after his police officer father died in the line of duty.

“It’s got to stop. There can’t be any more like this,” Davis Owens said. “I don’t want anybody to ever go through what we’ve gone through, not once, but now twice.”


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