Filth-mouthed Ferguson protesters threaten cops’ wives, children — and it’s all on video

Protesters in Ferguson, Mo., acting in the capacity of “journalists,” continue to livestream the actions of police in hopes of recording examples of misconduct, but more and more it’s the potentially criminal actions of the protesters themselves that are being captured.

Disturbing videos are turning up on social media showing protesters verbally assaulting police and otherwise provoking them, to include threatening the officer’s families.

Leading the charge here is Bassem Masri, an angry provocateur who makes no bones about his actions. Here is an example of Masri’s handiwork, as seen on Twitter:

With leaked testimony beginning to suggest that Officer Darren Wilson may have been justified in shooting 18-year-old Michael Brown to death on Aug. 9, protesters seem to be getting more desperate. Outgoing U.S. Attorney General Eric Holder was quick to condemn the source of grand jury leaks, saying those responsible are trying to “shape public opinion about this case.”

Ironically, after making that remark, Holder proceeded to shape public opinion about the case by critiquing the Ferguson Police Department, saying “it’s pretty clear that the need for wholesale change in that department is appropriate,” CNS News reported. Even though the “federal investigation” of the department is ongoing.

But Holder has been slow to call out the protesters for their dangerous conduct.

Here is another example of the abuse police are enduring in Ferguson. In this video, protesters can be heard talking about raping the officer’s wife:

*Caution: Strong Language

Back to Bassem Masri, who appears to enjoy the limelight. He sat down for an interview with the local Fox affiliate Fox 2, which includes video of some of his actions toward police.

“I’m praying for your death,” Masri says in one clip. In another, he tells a cop: “What happens when we take your gun?”

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