Anti-Obama artist records a visit from the Secret Service; do you believe in zombies?

The secretive artist known as Sabo, whose conservative views make him a rarity in the liberal art world, caught the attention of the Secret Service this week with a series of Twitter postings the agents deemed a potential threat to President Obama.

And if “The Walking Dead” was a documentary instead of a fictional television show about zombies, they might be right.

In one Twitter posting, Sabo wrote about Lee Harvey Oswald returning as a zombie (a clear reference to the Kennedy assassination, of course, and definitely bad taste, but still not very likely in the scheme of things – call it artistic license. Similar things — and much, much worse, were said about President Bush not all that long ago.)

In another, sent with an image mocking the announcement of an Obama appearance at the Hollywood home of actress Gwyneth Paltrow, Sabo joked about a “man with a rifle” being reported in the area on the night of the event.

In yet another post – possibly determined to stir up trouble – Sabo made fun of the Secret Service’s Colombian prostitution scandal.  

That might have been the one that got him a note from the Secret Service asking to meet with him about identity theft – possibly giving him a chance to deny authoring the Twitter postings.

Then came the visit. Check out the video here, via YouTube.


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