‘Selfish’ nurse Hickox: ‘I don’t plan on sticking to guidelines,’ won’t be ‘bullied by politicians’

The nurse who fought Ebola quarantine guidelines after being  detained in New Jersey is now ready to fight another state – Maine.

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Kaci Hickox, who was concerned enough to go to another country to help fight the spread of the virus and care for the ill, apparently doesn’t feel the same passion about putting her own neighbors at risk.

Hickox told ”Today”  that she wouldn’t abide by the guidelines, despite the CDC’s new monitoring recommendations, because it infringes on her constitutional rights.

She has already threatened a lawsuit against New Jersey for her three-day detainment, after showing a fever at an airport screening, and now she is refusing to remain in isolation in her own home for 21 days.

Key changes to the movement and monitoring guidance

  • New risk levels are given for people who may have been exposed to Ebola, as well as for those not at risk for the disease.
  • The guidance recommends stricter actions  for escalating level of risk based on the type of exposure.
  • State and local public health authorities are advised to use active monitoring or direct active monitoring rather than having people monitor themselves.
  • Specific guidance is given about monitoring health care workers who cared for patients with Ebola in a country with widespread transmission, and people who visited an Ebola Treatment Unit in one of those countries.
  • Specific guidance is also given about monitoring health care workers who provided care of patients with Ebola in the United States


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