‘We need more school shootings’: Anti-gun Democrat forced to remove Facebook post

One of the anti-gun billionaires behind background check legislation in Washington state found himself in hot water after a particularly offensive Facebook post Friday.

2014-10-28 BPR Facebook postOnly hours after the reported fatal shooting at Marysville-Pilchuck High School, billionaire Democrat Nick Hanauer posted a link to a story about the deaths on his Facebook page along with the statement, “We need more school shootings!!! Vote yes on Initiative 591.”

Initiative 591 would prohibit background checks prior to gun purchases in the state. Hanauer and several other Democrat billionaires support a competing proposal, Initiative 594, that would require background checks for virtually all gun transfers, including “short term loans between friends and family members,” according to WND.

Hanauer’s comment, apparently an ill-advised attempt at sarcasm, was taken down within hours, but a screenshot appeared in WND’s story.

“It was on his Facebook page. It’s gone now. He pulled it down,” Washington resident and former NRA board member Dave Workman told WND. “It’s obvious that the anti-gunners constantly look for things like this to exploit, to move their agenda forward and, of course, their agenda is stiffer gun control.”

If a Second Amendment supporter had made a similar comment, even in jest, the mainstream media would have pounced on it, turning into “front-page, above-the-fold” news, Workman said.

Hanauer has given $1 million to push I-594, according to WND. If passed, the law would track the transfer of all guns throughout Washington in a massive new database.

It would have done nothing, however, to prevent the Marysville-Pilchuck shooting, and Workman called attempts to use the recent tragedy to push the initiative “dishonest.”

“There is absolutely no way that this shooting would have been stopped had I-594 already been launched, and to even suggest that is dishonest,” Workman told WND.

Families of the victims of Connecticut’s Sandy Hook Elementary School shooting are expected to campaign in Washington this week in support of I-594 as well, but expanded background checks would not have prevented that tragedy either, WND said.

As usual, liberal Democrats are relying on their voters’ lack of knowledge and reasoning ability to capitalize on the tragic death of three schoolchildren and push their gun-control agenda.

Next week, we’ll find out just how successful their cynical strategy has been.

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