Walmart red-faced over ‘fat girl’ costumes category on website; apology accepted?

Social media exploded with contempt for Walmart on Monday after their website listed plus-sized Halloween apparel under the category “fat girl costumes.”

Apparently, the company they kept the category active for a while before it finally removed it and issued a public apology via its Twitter page.

“This should have never been on our site and we apologize. We quickly removed it and made sure to not let it happen again,” the company wrote.

The question many are asking is, “‘how could this happen?’”double quotes around “how could this happen?”

The costumes were listed in a section that would normally be titled “Plus-Size.”

Many women commented, saying personal image and self esteem is something they deal with every day and such an insensitive listing was hurtful.

It is astounding that such a listing made it past all the checks and balances a company the size of Walmart undoubtedly has.

There was so much backlash directed at the retail giant that #fatgirlcostume became a trending hashtag on Twitter.

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Carmine Sabia


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