She wanted sermons, she got them! Mayor who tried to subpoena city’s pastors is flooded with Bibles

The Houston mayor who sparked a national uproar when she tried to subpoena the city’s pastors for sermons on gender identity and the mayor herself has been inundated with Bibles around the country.

Mayor Annise Parker and her legal office issued the subpoenas in September demanding the pastors turn over any material they used in compiling sermons about a petition aimed at overturning an ordinance passed by the Houston City Council that would allow members of either sex to use restrooms intended for the other.

The move was seen as a chilling example of government overreach, since the subpoenas sought “all speeches, presentations, or sermons” the pastors had in their possession that referred to the same-sex anti-discrimination ordinance, other topics or Parker – the only openly lesbian mayor of a major American city.

After the news went national, and Parker’s efforts were denounced by leading conservative lights like Sen. Ted Cruz, R-Texas, radio host Glenn Beck and Fox News host Mike Huckabee, Parker and the city’s legal department gave some ground, agreeing to limit the scope of the ordinance to sermons directly related to the petition.

But religious freedom attorneys say that still isn’t enough. The Alliance Defending Freedom’s Joe La Rue, legal counsel for the Alliance Defending Freedom, which has moved to quash the subpoenas, called the mayor’s turnaround “wholly inadequate.”

On his radio show, Beck interviewed one of the targeted pastors who said the city had not only demanded his sermons, but anything he said about Parker in 17 forms of communication, according to The Blaze.

Cruz, Huckabee and Beck, who also founded The Blaze, encouraged listeners to fight back by sending Parker’s office copies of religious texts.

“Go find the best sermons you can find on religious liberty and send them to City Hall in Houston,” Beck said.

To many, the best sermon on religious liberty is the Good Book itself, as Scripture has flooded Parker’s office.

Though Parker openly disdains her prominent critics – discounting Huckabee’s efforts as “doing what he can to pump ratings for Fox News” – she said the Bible deliveries are a “productive way” for those who disagree with her to show it.

She said the Bibles will be distributed to charity.

God forbid she should read one.

Check out the KHOU report here.


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