Cookbook authors slammed as racist just for being white!

Two white chefs are finding themselves in serious hot water after being accused of “racism” for publishing a vegan cookbook full of all sorts of politically correct recipes.

They’re just too white to be thugs.

Book stores in San Francisco and Seattle have canceled appearances by Michelle Davis and Matt Holloway, the 29-year-old authors of “Thug Kitchen: Eat Like You Give a F—k,” because they feared protesters would overwhelm the event, according to Tribune News Service.

White people apparently aren’t allowed to use phrases like “thug,” expletives like “f—k” or any of the other coarse crudity so commonplace in a rap album or black comedian’s show. It would perfectly OK for some “young person of color” to write a book in healthy eating in language more common in the street than the suite, but white people have no business doing it, black cookbook author Bryant Terry wrote on

Apparently, enough protesters agreed that at least three book stores were afraid to even host Davis and Holloway on their premises.

“Some people were not interested in having a conversation,” Holloway said, according to the Tribune News Service. “They had their minds made up.”

And what were their minds made up about? Recipe instructions like this:

Roast those sons of bitches for 20 minutes, stirring half way, or until the sprouts are golden and kinda burnt in some places. Goddamn delicious. Just trust. Boiling these tiny cabbage-looking motherf—kers is a crime. ROAST OR GTFO.

What’s really interesting about this is what the protests are about: Not the language. Not the attitude. Just the skin color of the authors.

For the sin of having white skin, two young food writers trying to ply their trade are getting branded as racists and actually banned from public establishments – book stores no less — that are apparently afraid of a mob reaction to a ghastly shortage of melanin.

Holloway and Davis have been operating the Thug Kitchen website for two years, and successfully enough to turn it into a hardcover book published by Rodale Publications.

Now that the world knows they’re white, protesters are using the implied threat of violence to disrupt book store events aimed at promoting that book.

Now, that’s real thug behavior.


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