She wanted sermons, she got them! Mayor who tried to subpoena city’s pastors is flooded with Bibles

The Houston mayor who sparked a national uproar when she tried to subpoena the city’s pastors for sermons on gender identity and the mayor herself has been […]

‘Robin Hood’ parking meter watchers rescued drivers from $80,000 in fines; city wants restraining order

Watch the latest video at video.foxnews.comSix activists who work to keep their city’s parking meters full before enforcement officers can write parking tickets are facing off against […]

Man’s first-time shot from Smith & Wesson sends him running for cover

There’s no rule that says, “don’t shoot trees,” but if you’re shooting a little tree with a powerful .500 Smith & Wesson, then make sure you stand […]

Policeman smacks into wall while chasing a mob of topless women

It’s unlikely that additional police training could have kept this officer on his feet during a topless FEMEN rally. It’s hard to tell if his eyes were […]

Duck Dynasty DWTS
Too much Monster and not enough Mash for Duck Dynasty Daughter

The Dancing with the Stars crowd loved Duck Dynasty daughter Sadie Robinson’s Monday night performance. Unfortunately for Robinson and partner Mark Ballas, the judges took a harsher […]

‘We need more school shootings’: Anti-gun Democrat forced to remove Facebook post

One of the anti-gun billionaires behind background check legislation in Washington state found himself in hot water after a particularly offensive Facebook post Friday. Only hours after […]

Walmart red-faced over ‘fat girl’ costumes category on website; apology accepted?

Social media exploded with contempt for Walmart on Monday after their website listed plus-sized Halloween apparel under the category “fat girl costumes.” Apparently, the company they kept […]

Black activists rise up against Dems in shock video: ‘They are abusing us!’

With two years left of Barack Obama, the black communities are facing the Democratic party head on in the face of the upcoming midterms. Rebel Pundit released […]

BizPac Review
Armored vehicle, 24 cops show up to collect $80,000 from elderly man

In the small Wisconsin town of Stettin, they have an interesting way of collecting judgements. The town sent a militarized SWAT team complete with 24 armed officers […]

Cookbook authors slammed as racist just for being white!

Two white chefs are finding themselves in serious hot water after being accused of “racism” for publishing a vegan cookbook full of all sorts of politically correct […]

Obama in KC
Obama buys votes, sticks taxpayers with tab

The Obama administration’s social engineering mechanics are returning to their favorite playbook with a plan to use yet another well-intentioned but flawed program to buy votes. This […]

Border Patrol agents beg for public’s help, afraid of Obama’s order for millions of blank work permits

Already furious after a summer that saw American Border Patrol agents turned into a “babysitting service for tens of thousands of illegal aliens crossing the border with […]