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Reporters mock White House; conservatives mock whining reporters

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White House Correspondents Association symposiums aren’t exactly moments of high comedy, but one line about the Obama administration got plenty of laughs during a weekend gathering in the nation’s capital.

The reference is to the Obama White House claim that it’s the “most transparent administration in history.” That really is laughable light of the stream of scandals that has run through it since its earliest days, almost all of them involving an administration deliberately withholding information under legal claims.

Soon-to-be-gone Attorney General Eric Holder is locked in a court fight with Congress over Fast and Furious documents he’s afraid to release, for instance, and then there’s the IRS’s “dog-at-my-homework” excuses about being unable to find Lois Lerner‘s emails. And on, and on.

A Washington press corps that seemed so enthralled with President Barack Obama six years ago seems finally to be waking up. (Or maybe it’s just getting more transparent about its own unhappiness with a White House stumbling into its final two years.)

But what’s also laughable is how little sympathy the correspondents can expect from the American public.

What’s really interesting about this is how little the mainstream media understands how badly it damaged itself when it went into the tank for the Obama White House in 2008. American conservatives have long known that the mainstream media is not to be trusted — that evening television news programs are as reliably liberal as late-night comedy.

Now, the rest of the country knows it too.

That’s the biggest question of all.



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