Outrageous! Judge forces guy to pay $30k child support for kid that’s not his

The birth of a baby more than 25 years ago has grown into a whopping miscarriage of justice.

And a Michigan man owes the state $30,000 in welfare benefits for a kid that’s not even his.

According to WXYZ News Channel 7, Detroit resident Carnell Alexander is on the hook for $30,000 in welfare benefits the state paid to the mother of a woman who lied about Alexander being the father of a child she gave birth to in 1987.

The woman now agrees Alexander wasn’t the father. Even DNA tests show he’s not the man. But the state of Michigan and an utterly inflexible judge say that’s beside the point. For Alexander, it’s pay up or face “legal consequences,” the station reported.

For Alexander, it all started with a traffic stop in 1992, when the cop who ran his license came back with the news that he was in the system as a deadbeat dad who owed thousands in child support.

Shocked at the news, the childless Alexander demanded a DNA test that showed he was not the father of the child.

carnellalexander1027newUnfortunately for him, that test came too late for legal purposes because the court had ruled that Alexander had already been served with papers demanding that he present himself for a paternity test after the baby was born.  The process server charged with delivering the papers told the court Alexander had simply refused to sign for them.

The problem with that story was that Alexander was incarcerated at the time the papers were allegedly presented to him.

“I wasn’t there so I couldn’t refuse to sign,” Alexander told WXYZ.

So how did he even get involved in the first place?

Turns out, an ex-girlfriend of Alexander’s had put his name down as the father when she was applying for welfare benefits after the child’s birth.

“I had to turn to welfare to get assistance to take care of them and had to put him down as the father. That was the only way I could get assistance,” the woman told WXYZ. “Everything is my fault that I put him through.”

Well, not all of it. There’s a judge in the case too.

And even though the mother of the child lied about Alexander being the father, that judge isn’t listening. And even though the process server clearly was not speaking the truth in the story about Alexander refusing to sign the papers to appear for a paternity test, that judge doesn’t care.

And even though the paternity test when it finally done showed that Alexander is not the father of the child in question, the judge thinks it doesn’t matter.

“She told me that regardless of what the DNA says – because I didn’t contact her 24 years ago, it’s going to stick. Case closed. I got to pay for the baby,” he said.

If he doesn’t pay, KPLCtv reported, he’s looking at prison time.

“I feel like I’m standing in front of a brick wall with nowhere to go,” Alexander told the station.

But he’s going to keep fighting.

Check out the WXYZ report here.


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