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National effort to scare churches into silence ahead of elections; ominous IRS warning

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Pastors all across the country have received an “ominous warning” telling church leaders to zip it about the elections or pay the price.

Americans United for the Separation of Church and State, an organization that seeks to do exactly what its name says, has sent letters to thousands of pastors ahead of the midterm elections reminding them that they can be punished by the IRS if they speak out, according to Fox News.

The letter reads, in part:

“If the IRS has determined your place of worship has intervened in an election, it has the power to revoke your tax exemption. It can also levy significant fines on an offending congregation or its leaders.”

Father Jonathan Morris told Fox News that the organization wants to intimidate places of worship into total silence when churches should only be reminded that they cannot endorse candidates.

However, the warning mirrors the IRS’s vague language that says churches should not get involved “directly or indirectly” in elections, Morris warned. 

I’m sure churches with conservative values have nothing at all to worry about, but those black churches busing Democrat “souls to the polls” should be shaking in their boots.


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