Hysterical woman lets loose on a jug of milk over Ole Miss loss

Warning: strong language

The No. 3 Rebels were beaten by the No. 24 LSU Tigers yesterday in a game that was more than a slight upset for this hysterical “Ole Miss” fan.

The video shows a woman crying real, earnest (and slightly drunk) tears about the football game. She wishes death to the Tigers and nearly explodes a milk carton on the counter repeating how much she hates them. No, really, it does.

Her LSU-supporting boyfriend fuels the histrionics by tooting LSU’s song and taunting her saying, “Go Tigers! Go Tigers!” He then went on to post the video, which is in the process of going viral.
One of them’ll likely be sleeping on the couch for a while. It’s just unclear which of the two it should be.

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