Gowdy tackles insanity of ‘dadgum lawyer for Ebola czar’; will Obama pick ‘tattoo artist for next attorney general?’

In a mission to find an answer to one of the most perplexing questions swirling around the mind of the public this month,  South Carolina Rep. Trey Gowdy grilled Health and Human Services Assistant Secretary Dr. Nicole Lurie about Obama’s disappointing choice for Ebola czar, as only Gowdy can. 

Flabbergasted that the president chose a lawyer over a health professional or even a scientist, Gowdy told Lurie, “I want the record to be complete on why in the world the president picked a dadgum lawyer to head the Ebola crisis instead of someone with your vast and varied background.”

Frustrated with Lurie’s attempts to convince him that medical knowledge is completely unnecessary for the job, he presented Lurie with a classic Gowdy response.

“The next time there’s an opening on the Supreme Court, I want you to see whether or not the president considers a doctor or a dentist for that job,” Gowdy said. “And we actually are about to have a vacancy for our attorney general and I want you to consider or be mindful of whether or not he considers maybe like a tattoo artist to be our next attorney general.”

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Michele Kirk


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