‘GOD help us!’: Michelle Obama-for-Senate whispers put Diane Feinstein on the spot

Rumors that Michelle Obama might have a Senate run in her future got a national airing Sunday on CNN’s “State of the Union,” when host Candy Crowley asked Sen. Diane Feinstein if liked the idea of the first lady taking her place.

Feinstein had her doubts.

“I’m flattered, if that should be true,” the four-term senator said. “Somehow I do not believe it is true, but I would be flattered if it were.”

The article Crowley was referring to was likely a piece published Thursday by Orb Magazine, a fledgling online publication based in New York City and quoting anonymous sources.

“Barack could golf year-round and Michelle could emerge from his shadow after 20 years and retake control of her own life,” says a person familiar with their thinking. “Remember, Michelle is a Harvard-educated lawyer whose career was more robust than Barack’s was when they met.”

However tenuous its origin, Crowley decision to give the story  national platform made it a ripe target for Obama’s legions of critics.

Well, first of all, it probably ain’t true. No matter what “sources” are talking to brand-new gossip sites, it’s tough to imagine Michelle Obama putting herself out enough to actually run for an elective office herself, much less serve the six years of grunt work being a junior senator would involve (her husband apparently didn’t care for it much.)

What’s just as untrue is that Feinstein would really be “flattered” at the idea that an out-of-state interloper would sail into the seat she’s held since 1992. Even in California, dues need to be paid in politics, and Michelle Obama is no Hillary Clinton.

California’s going to elect a Democrat to replace Feinstein in 2018 (she’ll be 85 by then and unlikely to be running), but not a Democrat named Michelle Obama.

On the other hand, maybe that’s wishful thinking, because, as one Twitter user put it:



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