Courageous young female became icon for battling ISIS; reportedly gruesomely beheaded

A Kurdish woman whose cheerfully defiant “V for victory” sign captured in a journalist’s photo made her a symbol of the fight against ISIS barbarians worldwide has been reportedly captured and beheaded.

The young woman, known by the nom de guerre Rehana, was part of the desperate defense in the siege of Kobani, the town on the Syrian-Turkish border Islamists have been trying to seize since Aug. 1.

She became a social-media sensation when a pro-Kurdish journalist capture her image ad posted it on Twitter, where it has been re-posted thousands of times.

Her death has not been confirmed, but was trumpeted by triumphant Islamists who posted photos of her severed head online, according to the Daily Mail.

The barbarians of ISIS would have special reason for celebrating the death of the Rehana, who as part of the Kurdish Women’s Defense Unit, or YPJ, is thought to have been personally responsible for killing up to 100 ISIS fighters.

The Islamist madmen, who believe they are guaranteed a paradise of submissive virgins for dying in their satanic cause, also believe they will be sent to hell if they are killed by a woman in combat.  

Photo Credit: Daily Mail

So they’re big enough men to rape their female captives. They’re tough enough to butcher them or evil enough to consign them to slavery, but the idea of dying at a woman’s hands scares them more than dying itself.

The fame of the woman known as Rehana has been brief, but widespread. And the report of her death was greeted with sadness in the sane part of the Twitter world.  

And this one says it all.

Rest in peace.


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