Blatant prejudice! Man ordered to remove NRA-certified instructor hat before voting


A veteran and NRA firearms instructor is up in arms himself after being ordered to remove his NRA hat at an early voting polling site in Georgia.

“It is absolutely infringing on my rights to express myself,” Bundy Cobb, of Douglas County, told Fox 5 in Atlanta.

The incident occurred Friday in the Douglas County Courthouse where Cobb went to cast his ballot.

Cobb told the Daily Caller he had no trouble with two poll workers when he first entered, but a third told him he would have to remove his hat. Cobb said he saw another man voting while wearing a hat and asked what the difference was.

The poll workers told him the National Rifle Association is closely associated in the public mind with the Republican Party, so wearing the hat inside a polling place could be considered campaigning, which is prohibited.

“It kind of caught me off guard,” Cobb told Daily Caller, noting that he’s worn the hat to the same polling place three times before. “It’s ridiculous. My hat advertises my business.”

What’s even more ridiculous is the explanation offered by Douglas County board of elections supervisor, Laurie Fulton, who told Fox 5 that “the courts have found that anything that suggests associated with the NRA in many people’s perceptions is associated with the Republican Party.”

But that is not true, as Fulton later told the Daily Caller when asked to cite what court case she was referring to.

According to the Daily Caller, she then said there was no state precedent for prohibiting NRA apparel in a polling place.

That’s probably because the NRA is a non-partisan organization — like a whole host of non-partisan organizations in this country that represent a variety of causes. Most of those causes don’t get the flack the NRA does, though. And if the NRA happens to be associated with the Republican Party, it’s because Republicans agree with the NRA on the basic constitutional freedom guaranteed by the Second Amendment – not because NRA members are Republicans.

Fulton told the Daily Caller that Cobb’s was the second incident in a week involving an NRA hat in a polling place. She said it came to her attention when a voter complained about another man wearing an NRA hat.

It would be interesting to know if Fulton or any other polling place official would object to a voter wearing an “I am a public school teacher shirt” or a “save the whales” hat, or any other of the endless empty causes espoused by the Democrat Party.

Would the IRS hold up a tax-exempt status application for something called the Barack H. Obama Foundation?”

In the Obama Era, the question answers itself.

Check out the Fox 5 report here. (And remember, when Fulton gets to the part about “the courts have found,” she’s making it up.)

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