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4-year-old has meltdown when she realizes George Washington is dead – and Obama is president

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Kids can be so dramatic when they are tired.

Watch this little 4-year-old have a complete meltdown when she learns that George Washington is dead.

To add insult to injury, the grown-up consoling her had to go and remind her that Barack Obama is the current president. Not exactly a calming thought.

In the end, this homeschooling mom gets an “A+” for teaching her child to love American History with such passion.

Gina Lane posted the video on YouTube with the following brief description:

Ava (4 years old) is home schooled with her 6 year old brother. During their studies of early American history and the Presidents she grew quite fond of George Washington. They began learning of American symbols and she was asked “Who lives in the White House?” Ava responded with George Washington. (Which was obviously the incorrect answer, but she was confused and thought he was our current president.) This video is the reaction received when she realized that George Washington was no longer alive.


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