Blatant prejudice! Man ordered to remove NRA-certified instructor hat before voting

A veteran and NRA firearms instructor is up in arms himself after being ordered to remove his NRA hat at an early voting polling site in Georgia. […]

Obama facepalm
Conservatives hijack Dems’ ‘YesWeDid’ hashtag and have some fun with it!

Conservatives have hijacked a hashtag Democrats were employing to gin up support for the midterms — and using it to tweet the truth. The liberal group Unite […]

Gowdy tackles insanity of ‘dadgum lawyer for Ebola czar’; will Obama pick ‘tattoo artist for next attorney general?’

In a mission to find an answer to one of the most perplexing questions swirling around the mind of the public this month,  South Carolina Rep. Trey […]

laser pointer helicopter
Watch how idiot gets nabbed after shining laser pen at helicopter

A naughty, and not very polite boy in Britain was arrested after he allegedly pointed a laser pen at a police helicopter. Apparently, shining laser pens at […]

LSU girl ole miss loss
Hysterical woman lets loose on a jug of milk over Ole Miss loss

Warning: strong language The No. 3 Rebels were beaten by the No. 24 LSU Tigers yesterday in a game that was more than a slight upset for […]

Man spends six months facing hate speech charges for telling airport security ‘I’m not a Muslim’

Even in a free nation, political correctness can cross the line to the elimination of free speech. Such has been the case in the UK where there […]

Courageous young female became icon for battling ISIS; reportedly gruesomely beheaded

A Kurdish woman whose cheerfully defiant “V for victory” sign captured in a journalist’s photo made her a symbol of the fight against ISIS barbarians worldwide has […]

Military quarantines returning US soldiers in Italy for 3 weeks; includes general

CBS reported Monday that U.S. soldiers returning from Liberia are being placed in isolation in Italy to be monitored for Ebola symptoms. According to CBS:  The soldiers […]

illegal petes
Efforts to force Illegal Pete’s restaurant to change 19-year-old name spark anger

The PC police are once again showing their idea of “tolerance,” this time by inundating a small business with protests, hate calls and demands that its name […]

Outrageous! Judge forces guy to pay $30k child support for kid that’s not his

The birth of a baby more than 25 years ago has grown into a whopping miscarriage of justice. And a Michigan man owes the state $30,000 in […]

Pro-immigration activists storm stage, run off, embarrass Dem Kay Hagan mid-speech

North Carolina Sen. Kay Hagan’s stump speech was rudely interrupted by immigration activists looking for an argument.  The two women stormed the stage at a weekend Democrat […]

Drunk man stumbles into wrong Clinton house, climbs into bed with sleeping stranger

Alcohol consumption has played its part in many a crazy news headlines. The latest case in point happened in Clinton, Conn., when “highly intoxicated” Tyler Sullivan landed in […]