Party like it’s 1992? Jeb Bush’s son tells ABC he thinks father ‘more than likely’ to run for White House

Adding to speculation about the Republican presidential field for the 2016 contest, George P. Bush, a candidate for Texas land commissioner and son of former Florida Gov. Jeb Bush, told ABC News in an interview broadcast Sunday that his father is seriously considering running for president in his own right.

“I think he’s still assessing it,” George P. Bush told White House correspondent Jonathan Karl. “I think it’s more than likely …. that he’ll run. The family will be behind him 100 percent, if he decides to do it.”

Jeb Bush, of course, has the public image of the Bush who was supposed to follow his father George H.W. Bush into the White House, but was beaten there by his brother George W. Bush.

If he decides to run for the 2016 GOP nomination and wins, and if former first lady, former senator and current holder of the “businesses don’t create jobs” platform Hillary Clinton runs for the Democratic nomination and wins, it sets up the intriguing possibility of a Bush-Clinton contest reprised after the 1992 campaign that pitted Bill Clinton against the first President Bush.

However conservatives might feel about some aspects of a Bush candidacy, the country can only hope for a different result this time around.

Check out the George P. Bush interview here:

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