Teacher’s letter read to child’s face was humiliating, mom demands action

A New Mexico mother is demanding to meet with her son’s middle school principal after a guidance counselor read him a letter saying the class was better without him.

Baca Letter

Rosemarie Baca was attending a parent-teacher conference with her son, David, when the Truman Middle School counselor read aloud a letter written by another teacher not present at the meeting, Albuquerque’s KOAT 7 reported.

Rosemarie Baca

“When I sat down, the counselor said that we were going to talk about David’s grades,” Baca said.

Instead, the counselor read a letter that explained how the class feels about him.

“We find as a class that when David is absent the class functions much more smoothly and everyone is happier,” the letter said, according to KOAT, adding that David sits alone because “no one wants to be near him.”

David Baca

“I don’t think anybody even read this letter before it was read out loud,” Baca told KOAT. “I don’t think this letter should have ever made it to that table.”

A school spokesperson told KOAT that the principal had no idea the letter existed or that the meeting had been scheduled.

Baca requested a meeting with the principal but has not yet heard back.

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