Oops, she did it again! Michelle Obama introduces Dem candidate with his opponent’s bio!

Maybe Michelle Obama should stay home with her husband instead of “helping” Democrat candidates around the country.

Another vacation, maybe? She could take up golf . Anything to keep her off of the stage where she keeps flubbing her job as a cheerleader.

After messing up Iowa Senate candidate Bruce Braley’s name seven times in her speech for him a few weeks back, here’s how she introduced Colorado Senator Mark Udall, according to the video, courtesy of the GOP:

“As a fifth-generation Coloradan, Mark understands what makes this state special,” she said. “He understands the values of independence and fairness, all the things the folks here believe in.”

Wait, what?

Udall was born and raised in Arizona, according to the Daily Caller, and his dad served in the House of Representatives.

The Caller attempted to clear up the confusion. Perhaps she was introducing his opponent:

“Cory Gardner is a fifth-generation Coloradan focused on empowering people by getting government out of the way and letting innovation and creativity thrive,” the Cory Gardner for Senate campaign website reads. ”…Cory was born and raised in Yuma, a small town on the Eastern Plains of Colorado where his family has owned a farm implement dealership for nearly a century. He lives in the same house his great-grandparents lived in.”

Way to go FLOTUS.  Someone just got fired!




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