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Laura Ingraham touches off tweet storm over what Jeb Bush said about Fox News

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Laura Ingraham touched off a tweet storm Friday, when she reported that Jeb Bush believes Fox News is “too negative” for regular viewing.

The conservative radio host was citing a report from the liberal website, Talking Points Memo, which quoted from CNN’s coverage of Bush’s speech at a South Carolina event. Ingraham tweeted:

Talking Points Memo quoted CNN’s Peter Hamby as saying, “Bush ‘singled out Fox News’ while expressing ‘annoyance with the polarizing fights and constant negativity of the political news media.’”

Bush also supposedly said he only watches Fox “for a few minutes a day before switching over to SportsCenter,” Talking Points Memo said in quoting Hamby.

Ingraham’s followers were predictably miffed at Bush’s comments – not surprised, apparently, but miffed. Here’s a sampling of their reactions:

Ingraham used the report to compare Bush with someone else whom the right doesn’t much respect, saying:

But did Bush really say that Fox News’ negativity turns him off so much that he can only stand a few minutes of the channel’s coverage at a time?

Not exactly. Here’s the actual quote from CNN:

“At one point, Bush expressed annoyance with the polarizing fights and constant negativity of the political news media — he later said his media diet includes Fox News in the morning, followed by SportsCenter on ESPN — and said he is ‘frustrated’ by the toxic climate in Washington.”

Bush doesn’t need anyone to defend him, but it sure seems that Talking Points Memo took his comments out of context, or even distorted them on purpose.

It should be noted that CNN included an editorial comment specifying that its article had been “updated to reflect Bush’s comments on the media.” It’s possible that Talking Points Memo quoted an earlier version of CNN’s report. If that’s the case, Talking Points Memo should also publish a correction.

Regardless of which version is correct, this tweet captured what many conservatives were thinking:

On a side note, here’s a short CNN video describing Bush as a potential 2016 contender:


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