Video: NYC cop helps with arrest by kicking fellow cop in the head

A confrontation between the NYPD and a fare jumper caught on video began going viral on Thursday, not for the arrest but for what else is seen — and heard — on the tape.

The 9-month-old video has gone viral recently and is getting a second look from authorities.

Two uniformed officers were in a ground struggle with a suspect when suddenly a plain clothes officer came to help out, unleashing a kick to the alleged suspect’s head.

The problem is the man he kicked was not the suspect. It was a fellow NYPD officer.

He kicked the cop,” a woman gleefully exclaimed off camera.

The plain clothes officer punched the suspect as several officers shouted “stop resisting.”

The NYPD’s internal affairs observed several problems with the video in addition to the misdirected kick and have begun an investigation, DNA Info reported.

According to DNA Info the suspect pled guilty to a lesser charge and the officer has been stripped of his gun and badge and placed on modified duty pending the results of the investigation.

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Carmine Sabia


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