‘President Photo Op’ embraces Ebola-free Dallas nurse Nina Pham

President Obama, a man “not interested in photo ops,” finds himself in a lot of photo ops. The latest is with Dallas nurse Nina Pham, who was released Friday from a Washington-area hospital after being pronounced free of the Ebola virus.

For all the stress associated with her ordeal, Pham scored a visit to the Oval Office to meet the president. Here’s a tweet from one media source capturing an embrace between the two:

But was the moment a spontaneous display of affection, or was there a little more to it?

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CBS News White House correspondent Mark Knoller noted in a tweet that Obama, the man who has no interest in photo ops, instigated the hug. In an earlier tweet, Knoller also made it clear that the meeting was indeed a photo op.

No matter how you see it, the president’s act is wearing thin with the American people. Here are a number of tweets that show just how thin:

Tom Tillison


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