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Obama administration pushing government lesson plans to teach high-schoolers what to eat

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The US Department of Agriculture is pushing written lesson plans to teach children how to eat combined with a “Super Tracker” to monitor their progress.

The four plans, “Track Your Snack,” “What’s Your Plan,” “Three-Day Food Record,” and “Build Healthy Meals,” correspond with a website where your kids can tell the government what they eat and what physical activities they engage in daily.


The lesson plans are detailed in a 67 page online textbook and include certificates that can be given to students who use the Super Tracker tool, reported The Blaze.

The textbook notes that students are ever more in control of their health decisions and schools should do more to indoctrinate help them make the right choices.

“While the decision to choose a healthy lifestyle is ultimately up to the individual, teachers have the opportunity to influence their students by providing them with the information they need to make knowledgeable and responsible choices,” the textbook said. “Teachers are a key resource for disseminating healthy messages, as they play a large role in shaping the views and behaviors that students will use in the future.”

The plans are designed to be taught over four 40 minute periods. It is unknown if they are supposed to take the place of gym or health classes.

“It is important to create a safe, ‘judgment free’ learning environment for students when using Super Tracker in a classroom setting,” the lesson plan states. “Keep in mind that some students may not be comfortable entering sensitive information such as their weight or food choices in front of their peers.”

Carmine Sabia


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