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NYC news anchor under fire for bizarre ‘don’t eat poop’ Ebola advice

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The first case of Ebola in New York City has been confirmed, but one news anchor is assuring locals they will be fine as long as they refrain from eating infected feces.

Ebola worries have been heightened in the recent weeks. Although two nurses contracted the virus after caring for “patient zero,” Thomas Duncan, some health officials and political leaders continue to say that Ebola is not a serious threat to average Americans.

In a stunning display of liberal logic, New York City news anchor, Errol Louis, assured locals that they would be fine as long as they followed his strict protocol of not eating bodily fluids or secretions. Because as we all know, that’s a huge problem.

“If you came across some strange mucus or feces or something out there on the street, on the subway, or anywhere else, don’t eat it,” Louis said. “Don’t let it get into your body, don’t touch it.”

Did someone ask the nurses who contracted the virus if they ingested Thomas Duncan’s bodily fluids? (Because according to Louis, that’s the only way that would have been possible.)

But instead of embracing the protocol, Twitter users poked fun at his absurd statement:

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Hannah Bleau


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