LAPD cop who questioned Django actress for lewd acts is in shock, expects to be fired


Django unhinged takes on a new chapter.

The Los Angeles police officer who questioned “Django Unchained” actress Daniele Watts while responding to a lewd conduct call expects to be fired as a result of the incident.

“I’ve been placed in what’s called the ‘penalty box,’” Sgt. Jim Parker told The Wrap. “I can’t wear a uniform, I can’t be on patrol and I can have no civilian contact.”

Parker detained Watts and her boyfriend after a 911 call reported two people having sex in a car. The actress was uncooperative from the beginning and the more the officer refused to yield to her childish behavior, the more belligerent she became.

Acting like a spoiled 16-year-old, the foul-mouthed Watts refused to show her identification, and even played the race card — her boyfriend is white.

“You know how many times the cops have been called just because I’m black and he’s white?” Watts asked.

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“Who brought up the race card?” Parker responded. “I said nothing about you being black and I have every right to ask for your ID.”

The story went viral after Watts posted about it on Facebook later that day.

Parker leaked audio tape of the call to TMZ, and did an interview with the Los Angeles Times after the department told him not to speak to the press about the case.

“I wanted to put a stop to this because of the racial allegations,” he told The Wrap about leaking the audio. He denied allegations that he got paid for the tapes, and said he has had to take a medical leave due to all the stress.

“I’ve got more charges against me than she has against her,” Parker said. “I’m in shock at what happened to me.”

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