Hatchet attack on four NYPD officers possible terrorism; celebs weigh in

Without warning, a hatchet-wielding man attacked four rookie New York City police officers on Thursday before being shot and killed by two of the officers.

The attacker was identified as Zale Thompson, 32, and police are looking at possible ties to terrorism, according to the New York Daily News.

The officers graduated from the academy in July and were huddled together to take a photo for a freelance photographer when they were attacked, the Daily News reported.

One officer was struck in the arm, another in the head — the second officer is in critical but stable condition.

A bystander, a 29-year-old woman, was struck by a stray bullet when the police opened fire on Thompson. She’s in stable condition after surgery, according to the Daily News.

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The Daily News reported that there is a Zale Thompson on Facebook, pictured wearing a keffiyeh — a traditional headdress typically worn by Arab men. There was also a reported conversation with another Facebook user that appeared to be terrorism-related.

One such comment declared: “The solution is to fight. Armed struggle. Simple.”

zale thompson

Thompson was captured on a surveillance camera a split second before the attack, drawing the hatchet back to strike:

With news breaking of another case of Ebola turning up in New York City, Fox News host Greg Gutfeld echoed the thoughts of many with this tweet:

As hard as it may be to believe that some would try to politicize the tragedy, along comes liberal moonbat Cher. As another Twitter user pointed out, she makes about as much sense as she normally does, which isn’t much!

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