What a hoser! Ignorant Al Sharpton thinks Iowa’s the capital of Canada

Al Sharpton thinks Iowa’s the capital of Canada.

The race-baiting MSNBC host, whose inflammatory rhetoric is matched by his ignorance of the world outside New York City and Washington, D.C., threw off CBC reporter Chloe Fedio Wednesday night during an interview on Sharpton’s “Politics Nation.”

“What’s the latest tonight in Iowa?” Sharpton asked, apparently unaware Fedio was actually in the Canadian capital of Ottawa.

To her credit, Fedio looked only briefly puzzled before cutting off a slight giggle.

“Well, in Ottawa …. The situation is less tense than before,” she began.

This is the man who just interviewed the president of the United States on Monday. But then, that’s a president who once thought there were 57 American states.

Check out Sharpton’s latest embarrassment here. Pretty funny, eh?

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