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‘Damn you, whitey!’: Converting to Islam and becoming a terrorist is white privilege?

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Be careful, white people. Murtaza Hussain is on to your scheme.

In response to the tragic news Wednesday that the man who killed a Canadian soldier before being killed himself in the country’s Parliament minutes later was a convert to Islam, Hussain posted a tweet that made a rather improbable claim:

As you can see, Hussain, who writes for The Intercept, believes white people are purposely converting to Islam and killing people as part of a plot to set up “brown/black people.”

And to prove he’s carrying around some heavy animosity toward his brothers and sisters of a lighter skin tone, the politically correct Hussain attributes this audacious scheme to white privilege.

Republican candidate tries to vote for himself,
machine switches his vote to a Democrat

Naturally, social media users couldn’t resist the opportunity to have a little fun. Here a few responses, as seen on Twitter:

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