‘Damn you, whitey!’: Converting to Islam and becoming a terrorist is white privilege?

Be careful, white people. Murtaza Hussain is on to your scheme.

In response to the tragic news Wednesday that the man who killed a Canadian soldier before being killed himself in the country’s Parliament minutes later was a convert to Islam, Hussain posted a tweet that made a rather improbable claim:

As you can see, Hussain, who writes for The Intercept, believes white people are purposely converting to Islam and killing people as part of a plot to set up “brown/black people.”

And to prove he’s carrying around some heavy animosity toward his brothers and sisters of a lighter skin tone, the politically correct Hussain attributes this audacious scheme to white privilege.

Republican candidate tries to vote for himself,
machine switches his vote to a Democrat

Naturally, social media users couldn’t resist the opportunity to have a little fun. Here a few responses, as seen on Twitter:

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27 thoughts on “‘Damn you, whitey!’: Converting to Islam and becoming a terrorist is white privilege?

  1. Jamal Warner says:

    Before I comment I am going to read more about this. To soon to jump to conclusions.

    1. Kenneth Clark says:

      What more could be said. Concealed Carry was responsible for his demise.

      1. Jamal Warner says:

        Exactly why I will take my time unlike you.

        1. Kenneth Clark says:

          So you are waiting to hear the Progressive Liberal spin and twist?

          1. TexasJester says:

            He’s got to get his story from Media Matters – uh, msnbc before the troll says anything – right now, until the plantation masters at Media Matters and in the White House speak, he has NO STORY.

          2. paula627 says:

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        2. ooddballz says:

          Yeah, you certainly took your time to get all the facts on that Ferguson thing before calling for the cop to be lynched…..oh, wait….

          1. Jamal Warner says:

            And you sure took your time in condemn Brown for being a thug.

          2. ooddballz says:

            Yeah, I took the 30 seconds to watch the video of him strong-arming the store owner.
            Pretty much said “thug” right there.

      2. John Payne says:

        Didn’t he have a rifle?

        1. Kenneth Clark says:

          The world news this morning stated it was a retired Mountie with a concealed carry permit who shot and killed the Muslim.

          1. TexasJester says:

            What I heard, he had the weapon in his desk drawer – he was the Sargeant-at-Arms, a largely ceremonial post, and isn’t usually armed.

            But still – yet another case of draconian gun restrictions failing miserably, and a good guy with a gun is the only defense against a bad guy with a gun.

          2. Kenneth Clark says:

            Yep, you are absolutely correct about the good guy with a gun. I also heard the reason he had a CCL is because he is a retired Mountie. Had he been a regular Joe he would not have had one. There again, that is what Progressive Liberal “thinking” does for a community, county, state, and nation.

          3. TexasOlTimer says:

            The soldier on ceremonial duty at the war memorial that was shot had a rifle. Unfortunately for him it wasn’t loaded.

            Back in the days of the Scottish Clearances, the British thought the bagpipes were a weapon of war but the Scots that served in the military were allowed to have them. Perhaps this poor soldier might at least have been permitted to have a set of pipes (he was wearing a kilt) and could have used those against the terrorist.

    2. TexasJester says:

      A Muslim is a muslim is a muslim. Don’t matter what color his skin is. When a idjit goes full re tard and becomes a muslim, it doesn’t matter if he’s white, brown, black, yellow, red, or green with blue polka dots – he’s still a Muslim and it’s still a terrorist attack.

      1. Jamal Warner says:

        Your argument is flawed in that not only muslim commit terrorist attacks.

        1. TexasJester says:

          Name ONE non-muslim terrorist act in the world in the last 30 years. Just ONE.

          Meantime, there have been over 10,000 terrorist acts in the world JUST SINCE 9/11/2001. (Backed up by Dept of Homeland Security, FBI, CIA, Interpol, etc.)

          Not all muslims are terrorists (yet), but all terrorists have been muslim..

          1. Jamal Warner says:

            Timothy Mcveigh bombing of the federal building. That is one example of a non muslim terror attack.

          2. TexasJester says:

            Ok, I’ll give you partial credit, as I don’t know if he was muslim or not. BUT: There was an al Queda member working with McVay and his brother. So – still a muslim connection.

    3. ooddballz says:

      Before I comment I am going to read more about this. To soon to jump to conclusions.
      Well, that’s a first for you.

      There might be hope for you after all.

      1. Jamal Warner says:

        Might be hope for you if you try the same.

  2. tbird90sc says:

    So Mr. Hussain. Did you have this revelation coming down off your mushroom trip or did you get it like Muhammad did and black out in convulsions while foaming at the mouth? You sir need to go see a priest immediately, your long passed sense and reason.

    1. Kenneth Clark says:

      He has gone to meet his “Virgins”… Did Allah tell him they were Goats???

  3. rhodes autry says:

    oh wow, he’s on to the white plan… cause we all know how dedicated Whitey is to ‘the cause’ and willing to die for causing non-whites difficulty

  4. Cade Yaeger says:

    To be brutally honest, the religion of democracy seems to be a recipe for mayhem and instability in countries with mixed ethnic and religious populations.

  5. Y K says:

    Remember, if you’re not “White” EVERYTHING is “Whitey’s” fault

  6. Doug says:

    I knew him when he was just little Murt Hussain.

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