Courageous Korean War vet battles to fly his American, POW flags: ‘We fought for that’

Ken and Judy WillitsA Korean War veteran is under under attack from his homeowner’s association due to his public display of patriotism.

Robert and Judy Willits, of Greenfield, Ind., erected a flagpole in their front yard, proudly flying the American and POW flags to honor Robert’s brother, Lester, who served with him and never returned. Now, the association wants it gone, claiming it’s a violation of neighborhood rules.

The Willits are not willing to surrender to the demands, reported WTHR 13 in Indiana.

“Lester is still there so I’m going to keep it up,” Robert Willits said.

The couple moved into the neighborhood last Christmas, but didn’t install the flagpole until this summer.

“It means a lot to me. We fought for that flag,” Robert Willits said.

The Fieldstone Homeowners Association was unmoved. They sent a letter to the couple last month demanding the Willits remove the flags or face fines.

The association did, however, offer another alternative. They would fly the POW flag from the community flagpole and the Willitses would be allowed to fly the American flag from brackets that exist above their garage. The couple has refused the offer.

“With the penalties they’ve imposed on us, I feel it’s really un-American for somebody that is 100 percent disabled vet,” Judy Willits told WTHR.

“No. I am not taking it down,” Robert Willits said. “That flag is for the freedom of every person in here. It represents freedom.”

On Monday a group of Indiana veterans demonstrated around the flagpole in solidarity with the Willitses.

The homeowners association is undecided on what to do if the flagpole is not removed or the fines paid.

Watch the interview in its entirety below.


13 WTHR Indianapolis

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