‘Racism insurance’ video berates white people in the name of humor, but is it funny?

racism insA promo video from the makers of the film “Dear White People” advertises racism insurance for white people beset with “white privilege.”

The video is patterned after State Farm Insurance commercials, where an agent magically appears out of thin air to assist policyholders dealing with various accidents.

Actor David Brown plays the clueless white guy who keeps getting in trouble when interacting with black people. In one instance he’s talking to a co-worker, in another he’s hitting on an attractive black woman while waiting in line at the movies.

The agent who magically appears in each scenario, played by Billy Sorrells, resolves the conflict by explaining to the black characters what the bumbling white guy really meant to say.

But the white guy soon finds out there are limits to his racism insurance when he drops the “N-word” while talking to black guys.

When called upon in this case, the “agent” slaps the white guy in the head.

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“What the hell’s wrong with you, man,” he says. “You can not use the ‘N-word.’ It’s not covered in your policy, man. Oh yeah, you’re on your own now. They mad. You f*cked up.”

“I want to learn,” the white guys screams as he’s berated for his ignorance.

The irony here is the video plays on common stereotypes of white people to denounce the stereotyping of black people.

Watch for yourself and see if you agree.

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Tom Tillison


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