Game-changing debate pins former Fla. State Sen. Ellyn Bogdanoff against ‘do-nothing’ Sen. Maria Sachs

In a Florida Senate District 34 debate between former Sen. Ellyn Bogdanoff and current Sen. Maria Sachs, a potentially game-changing debate unfolded on Sunday.

Bogdanoff Sachs to the pointThe key focus was on “Bogdanoff’s experience with complex insurance issues and multiple missed votes by Sachs” on WPTV Channel 5’s “To The Point,” according to The Daily Broward.

Brought to light was the Florida Senate voting records, which showed that Sachs skipped votes for Senate Bills, SB 1842 (2013), SB 542 (2014), and SB 1672 (2014), according to Red Broward, which said:

Senate Bill (SB) 1842 dealt with health insurance policy. Maria Sachs did not vote.

Senate Bill (SB) 542 was an attempt to reduce flood insurance rates. Maria Sachs did not vote.

Senate Bill (SB) 1672 attempted to provide additional consumer protections from property insurance companies. Maria Sachs did not vote.

“Bogdanoff said Sachs loves to talk about the regulation of ‘sober homes’ in District #4, but she has never introduced legislation to stop their proliferation,” The Daily Broward reported.

Watch Sachs skirt the issues here via WPTV Channel 5:


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