Tackiest man in Fla: Will Charlie Crist start hocking portable fans to promote ‘fangate’?

It’s hard to believe that this slick-willy style politician, who has snake-charmed half of Florida (mostly Dems, of course), has successfully used his fan as a prop for his campaign.

He must be so proud of himself.

As a refresher, gubernatorial candidate Charlie Crist insisted on using a hidden fan during last week’s debate with Florida Gov. Rick Scott. He violated the rules, delayed the debate, and managed to spin it all to make Scott look bad.

Conveniently, every liberal on the planet erased the famous Nixon/ Kennedy debate from history and acted as if a fan was insignificant and petty.

Fast forward to Monday when someone presented him with a tiny fan at an early voting location.

A photo-op is born and karma is . . . well, you know.

Here is the photo that came from the exchange:

Twitter users weighed in:

My personal favorite:

Michele Kirk


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