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‘Racial profiling experiment’ tests liberal gullibility; liberals fail test

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The latest YouTube video from the “TrueStoryASA” account may be anything but.

The YouTube account, run by Adam Saleh and Sheikh Akbar, consists mostly of prank videos recorded by the pair. But in a video titled “Racial Profiling Experiment,” uploaded on Sunday, they tried to take a more serious tone.


The video showed the two men, wearing everyday street clothes, walking by an NYPD officer while arguing loudly and even shoving each other. The cop ignores them.

Twenty minutes later, the same two men, this time garbed in “cultural clothing,” walked toward the same officer. They were arguing but barely touched each other compared to the previous confrontation. This time, the cop intervened, eventually putting the two up against a wall and frisking them.

Clearly a case of profiling, right?

Not so fast.

A man named John Cardillo, who identifies himself on Twitter as a contributor to The Blaze and a former New York cop, claims the supposed officer in the video is really a fake.

“I was NYPD,” he wrote. “Wrong gear. No radio. No collar brass. No memo book. It’s clearly a costume. Not NYPD tactics.”

These and other discrepancies were not enough to keep lefty websites like The Free Thought Project and The Anti-Media from running with the story. Even the UK’s The Daily Mirror got sucked in.

Numerous tweets from Cardillo and Progressives Today to Saleh’s Twitter handle asking about the apparent fraud received no response.

“I’ve tried to get @omgAdamSaleh to comment since yesterday,” Cardillo wrote. “All I received was a ‘shut the f*** up’ from one of his cronies.”

“How #progressive!” Progressives Today responded.

So now, unless the two videographers provide a reasonable explanation for their response, and soon, it looks as though the video meant to embarrass American law enforcement is instead going to be egg on the face of TrueStoryASA.


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