Dem flier freaks out churchgoers with picture of lynching, threats of impeachment if they lose

In keeping with the tried and true Democrat theme of race baiting and fear mongering a flier has begun circulating in North Carolina that says “Kay Hagan DOESN’T win! Obama’s IMPEACHMENT will begin! Vote in 2014.”

Paul Woolverton, of the Observer, tweeted the photo.

Perhaps sensing that the majority of Americans would start shouting “Yippee” at such a prospect, the flier takes it a step further by showing a picture of a black man being lynched. Because, you know, that’s the same as impeachment.

No one seems to know who exactly is responsible for the flier. It says it is paid for by the Concerned Citizens of Cumberland County but offers no means to contact the group, reports the Fayetteville Observer.

Both the Democrat and Republican parties disavow any connection to the flier’s distribution, to the First Baptist Church on Moore Street, and also claim they don’t know who the group is.

“I think it’s unfortunate to use this kind of emotion as a means to getting people out to vote. It’s bad information,” Cumberland County Republican Party Chairwoman Linda Devore told the Observer.

Likewise, Hagen spokesperson Chris Hayden denied any involvement with the flier.

“I don’t know anything about the group or flier. We don’t coordinate with outside groups,” he said.

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