voting machine
Republican candidate tries to vote for himself, machine switches his vote to a Democrat

Republican Illinois state House candidate Jim Moynihan was taken aback Monday when he intended to cast a vote for himself and the touch-screen voting machine instead cast […]

Money From The Sky
Feds paid 57,000 workers to stay home; you won’t believe the tab

Sounds like nice work if you can get it. Tens of thousands of government employees are currently on paid vacation while they await results from various investigations […]

Red light cameras
Court says not so fast with those red-light camera tickets

Big changes could be coming to cities with red-light cameras after a Florida District Court of Appeals judge said it’s illegal for camera operators to issue citations […]

Hagen Lynching Flier
Dem flier freaks out churchgoers with picture of lynching, threats of impeachment if they lose

In keeping with the tried and true Democrat theme of race baiting and fear mongering a flier has begun circulating in North Carolina that says “Kay Hagan […]

Official says camera caught Hispanic liberal ‘stuffing ballot box’: ‘Go f*** yourself, gringo’

A key Republican in Arizona’s largest county says he’s got video evidence of the kind of abuses that show state’s desperate need for voting reform. A. J. […]

Matthew McConaughey: Don’t change Redskins logo, we’ve been fine with it since 1930s

Hollywood actor Matthew McConaughey is a big fan of the Washington Redskins name and logo — despite the chorus of the politically correct who want to see […]

Bloomberg Politics deletes ‘super racist’ Obama fried chicken tweet

We’ve all had those moments when we said or did something and immediately wished that life had a rewind button that would allow us to take it […]

‘Bizarre Foods’ guy fills up on liberal propaganda; embarrassing, dude, ‘stick to food’

Andrew Zimmern, star of Travel Channel’s “Bizarre Foods,” swallowed a propaganda morsel hook, line and sinker. A one-sided newspaper hit piece recently implied that Texas Attorney General and […]

Crazy boxing match! Boxer beats on referee, opponent flees
Crazy boxing match! Boxer beats on referee, opponent flees

The best way to prove you’re okay after your fight is stopped is to beat-up the referee who stopped the fight. At least that’s what Vido Loncar […]

‘Racial profiling experiment’ tests liberal gullibility; liberals fail test

The latest YouTube video from the “TrueStoryASA” account may be anything but. The YouTube account, run by Adam Saleh and Sheikh Akbar, consists mostly of prank videos […]

Alleged Scientologists ambush and harass former member in airport
Alleged Scientologists ambush and harass former member in airport

These people look like totally spaced-out robots, and the woman is scarier than the men. I wonder if they know Tom Cruise.

Voter engages Obama in trash talk at voting booth

Who’d the guy think he was talking to, Bill Clinton? As President Obama stood waiting to cast his early vote Monday in his neighborhood polling place in […]