Florida Five: Common Core opponents support Rick Scott, Wasserman Schultz humiliated

Five of today’s top Florida political stories at your fingertips:

Common Core opponents to urge support for Rick Scott – Anti-Common Core activists haven’t been pleased with Gov. Rick Scott’s half-measures on the issue but are throwing their support behind him against Charlie Crist.”In 2009 Charlie Crist took us into Common Core and is an ardent supporter to this day. With a win in November, it will be a no holds barred move to complete the implementation of Common Core and advance his progressive ‘Cred’ with the left. With his sights on 2016 and beyond, he will be all in with the unions and will drop teacher performance measures and return teacher tenure.” Read more 

Wasserman Schultz humiliated on ‘Fox News Sunday’: Obama doesn’t even have YOUR back, Debbie – Reince Priebus was a gentleman even when he slipped the knife in to Debbie Wasserman Schultz’s considerable ego. But it had to have hurt. The Republican National Committee chairman appeared with the voluble South Florida representative on “Fox News Sunday” with Chris Wallace, and cut the legs out from under the newly coiffed Democratic National Committee chairwoman with one turn of a phrase. Read more

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Crist calls changes in position evolution, foes call them flipping – It may be the most damaging rap against Charlie Crist: He’s a shape-shifter whose positions on issues change with the political wind. “It’s flippin’ amazing,” says one of Gov. Rick Scott’s attack ads, citing Crist’s switch from lifelong Republican to no-party candidate in 2010, then to the Democratic Party in 2012. There’s no question Crist’s positions on some issues have changed substantially since he was considered a conservative in a comparatively moderate state Senate during the 1990s. But the story behind those changes takes many turns. In some cases, political expediency apparently was involved; in others, Crist says, he was responding to changing circumstances or simply growing older and wiser. Read more 

CDC responds to Florida’s requests for help with potential Ebola outbreak – The federal Centers for Disease Control agreed Saturday to some — but not all — of Gov. Rick Scott’s Ebola-related requests. The CDC will hold a conference call with Florida hospitals next week on best practices, Scott said Saturday. The organization has also given Florida the green light to spend about $7 million in federal grant funding on protective suits for healthcare workers. “The CDC indicated that we will receive formal approval next week, but based on this preliminary approval, we have already begun using these funds to enhance our Ebola preparedness efforts,” Scott said in a statement. The governor is still waiting on the CDC to contact passengers on a plane that stopped in Fort Lauderdale after carrying a nurse who was later diagnosed with Ebola. Read more

Supreme Court decision in Tampa case could alter judicial campaigns – A case that started with a letter written by a candidate for judge in Tampa may change how judges seek office nationwide. The U.S. Supreme Court has agreed to decide whether the First Amendment overrides certain rules that restrict how candidates campaign for judge. The nation’s highest court accepted an appeal from former Hillsborough County judicial candidate Lanell Williams-Yulee, who was publicly reprimanded by the Florida Supreme Court in May. The state Supreme Court said she violated part of the professional code that governs the conduct of lawyers and judges, including how they campaign for the bench. Read more

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