Ebola scare hits public school; staff members, students on cruise with Dallas Ebola lab tech

The Ebola scare made it to public schools this week when officials announced that several staff members and students of an Oklahoma school district were on the same cruise ship as the lab technician who handled an Ebola patient’s specimens in Dallas earlier in the month.

According to KOCO News, the Moore Public Schools outside Oklahoma City “sent out a robocall and letter to parents, teachers and students of Moore schools saying any staff member or student who was on the cruise should not return to school until given the all-clear.”

A copy of the letter provided by KOCO:

Dear Patrons of Moore Public Schools,

This weekend (October 17-18, 2014), the Moore school district was made aware that several staff members, as well as students from Moore Public Schools were on the same Carnival Cruise as the lab technician who handled the Ebola patient’s specimens at Texas Presbyterian Hospital.

As of the latest reports, the lab technician was not exhibiting any signs or symptoms of the Ebola strain. However, the technician’s incubation period of 21 days has not expired.

Erring on the side of caution, the Administration of Moore Public Schools has determined that employees who were on the cruise shall not report to work until the district can confirm that the lab technician has been “cleared” and there is no medical threat.

Administrators from Moore Public Schools are in the process of identifying students who may have been on the cruise. Once identified, those students will also be required to stay out of school and will not be allowed to attend any school activities. Their absences will not be counted against them, and they will be allowed ample time to make up any missed work.

The school district has been in contact with the Centers for Disease Control (CDC) to ascertain the status of the lab technician and will continue to monitor the situation. Our hope is that we will have the “all clear” by late afternoon on Tuesday, October 21st.

We will keep our patrons and community notified through the district’s parent notification system, as well as through social media (district website, district Facebook and Twitter pages).


Dr. Robert Romines



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