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Must-see video: When a private citizen pulls over a cop, it’s a traffic stop you don’t want to miss

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A Washington motorist fulfilled what is probably the fantasy of millions of Americans when he pulled over a police officer for suspicious activity.

Gavin SeimSelf-described activist Gavin Seim flagged down the officer, identified only as Grant County Deputy Canfield, for driving an unmarked vehicle without the identification logos required by state law, The Blaze reported.

Washington state law specifies that, among other things, it is unlawful for a public official to operate a vehicle for patrol unless there are one and one quarter inch markings conspicuously placed on said vehicle.

Seim informed the officer that it is illegal to drive an unmarked patrol car, Canfield was surprisingly cooperative and even provided his ID.

“Are you stopping people in this vehicle?” Seim asked. Canfield said he was.

“It is completely in violation of Washington state law, and you are culpable in that,” Seim said, according to The Blaze. “You are accountable to the law just the same as me and anybody else is.”

Seim told Canfield to return the car, saying: “I know you’re smiling, but we the citizens do have a right to hold you guys accountable. If I’m in open violation of the law, I could call a sheriff out here and demand you be written up for this.”

While some might accuse Seim of going too far, he wrote on his website, CallMeGov.com, that he believes it’s everyone’s duty to hold authorities accountable.

“People have been raped and even murdered because of this, so the law is good sense,” he wrote. “Tolerating lawlessness does not fix anything and at this stage of our decline, neither does writing a letter.”

Seim’s website describes him as “a liberty speaker and former US Congressional candidate from WA.”

Watch the video below to see the altercation.

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