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Here’s one creepy Obama Halloween display to make liberal heads spin

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An Idaho man’s Halloween display is attracting plenty of attention for the creepy way it treats President Obama.

“I’ve got the Grim Reaper on the ATV, and Obama’s head is on the spear, and he has been decapitated,” Richard Piersol told CBS affiliate KBOI-TV.

In the video footage published by KBOI, a rubber mask depicting Obama’s head rested on a wooden stake as if severed by the Grim Reaper. Peirsol made no excuses for the display.

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“It’s like free speech,” he said. “I am pretty much saying I don’t like his politics, and I don’t like him. That’s it.”

In an attempt to head off the expected reaction, Piersol said the display is not motivated by race, KBOI-TV reported.

“I’ve got a couple of African-American friends of mine that have given me more ideas to put out there to make it look gorier,” Piersol said. “And it’s like, ‘No, I don’t want to do that. That might offend somebody.'”

Piersol said he has been assured his decoration is not breaking any laws.

“I’ve had three police officers stop and take pictures and give me the thumbs up,” he said, adding that he would consider taking the display down if a lot of people were offended.

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