German bikers ride to the rescue against Islamic State: ‘While others blabber’

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Following in the tire tracks of its Dutch counterparts, a German motorcycle gang has made the trek to the Middle East to fight against fascist Islamic State militants.

The Cologne-based Median Empire Motorcycle Club posted Facebook images of its members in Kobane, Syria, carrying military-style weapons, according to the Daily Mail.

The gang members are also wearing their “colors,” leather vests featuring their foreboding logo. The image included the caption: “Our boys were in Kobane today and told me today they were shot at but nothing happened. They are okay.”

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The vests will not likely intimidate Islamic barbarians who make it a regular habit to behead innocent civilians, including women and children.

The German gang has strong ties to Kurds who were locked in a desperate fight to prevent Islamic fighters from overrunning Kobane, according to the Mail. The group’s official Facebook page says the bikers are in the Middle East to distribute aid.

One Facebook user posted this message, though: “While others blabber and blabber, our boys are at the front fighting.”

The page also praises Dutch motorcycle gang members who have already traveled to the Middle East to join the fight against Islamic State savages. The No Surrender Banditos made the trip after a Netherlands prosecutor said they would not be breaking any laws.

Islamic State militants have been drawing fighters from across the West, but they appear to be concerned about a possible growing trend of Westerners aiding the Kurds, the good guys in this case.

A video released last week shows a German militant identified as Abu Dauoud al-Almani, speaking in German and threatening those who come to Syria to fight, according to the Mail.

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