Dana Loesch, vets pour scorn on ‘Family Guy’ writer’s Second Amendment dare

A comedy writer’s attempt to embarrass Second Amendment supporters is falling as flat as a bad joke.

Seemingly unaware that many former military men and women remain as committed to the Constitution they defended in uniform now that they’re back in civilian life, “Family Guy” writer Brian Scully posted a Twitter challenge to gun rights supporters.

He probably thought he was being clever. He probably thought he was being sharp — all hip and sardonic and Hollywood. But conservative TV and radio host Dana Loesch knew what he really was (besides  a guy who writes for a glorified comic strip, that is).  

Because as the Twitter response shows, many gun rights supporters have done exactly what Scully suggested and joined the armed services of the United States — not to get a free gun, but to protect the rights of people like Scully and his gun-grabbing fellow travelers.

(Just a guess, but there are probably a good many more veterans who support constitutional rights in the NRA than there are in Organizing for America.)

What’s really interesting about Scully’s post is how much it says about the liberal misunderstanding of what rights are in the United States. The Constitution guarantees rights by preventing the government from infringing on them, it does not create rights (liberals think that’s what the Supreme Court is for.)

Implying anyone who wants to exercise their Second Amendment rights to bear arms must enter the military is like saying anyone who wants to exercise the right to vote has to go to school, read newspapers,  watch the news, or even know anything at all about a candidate other than that he was the first black man to become a major American political party’s candidate for the United States (or that Lena Dunham wanted to have sex with him in a voting booth).

Since that would gut the Democrat Party of a sizable part of its voting bloc, it’s a fair bet Kelly and his ilk wouldn’t go for it.

You already are, Mr. Austin. You already are.

But this one makes a dare that Kelly and the anti-gun crew will never take.

As someone once put it: Didn’t think so.

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