Tollbooth worker says she was ordered to stop saying ‘God Bless You’ or be fired

A New Jersey tollbooth worker has accused her supervisor of threatening to fire her if she didn’t stop saying “God bless you” to motorists

Rather than comply, Cynthia Fernandez quit. She has since filed a lawsuit alleging her First Amendment right to free speech was violated, CBS New York reported.

Cynthia FernandezFernandez had been working at the booth for about three weeks when she was told to stop using the “God bless” greeting. The demand, she said, came as a shock.

“The handbook says no phones, no foul language, no radios,” she said. “Not one line says, ‘Do not say God bless.’”

Motorists seemed to like the sentiment, she said.

“People would tell me I’m the friendliest tollbooth worker they’ve met,” she told CBS New York.

A Garden State Parkway spokesperson said Fernandez resigned because she wanted a steady shift and made no mention of her supervisor’s demands.

Fernandez explained that her boss told her to write a resignation letter that merely included the last day she planned to work.

“So my resignation letter I gave him was exactly what he told me to write,” she said.

Garden State Parkway officials said they have no policy banning the phrase, “God bless you,” according to CBS New York.

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