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Socialist group pushing $20 minimum wage; ‘help wanted’ ad the definition of irony!

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The Freedom Socialist Party wants to raise the minimum wage to $20 per hour – but not for its own employees, of course. 

Reason.com discovered the party’s recent job listing found on Craigslist and Indeed.com screams “do as I say, not as I do.”

According to Reason:

Although the average annual salary of a web developer in the U.S. is around $62,500, the Freedom Socialist Party only wants to pay $13 an hour, which would be $26,000 a year. Except that the party won’t hire someone full-time, so their next web developer’s total compensation won’t even be that modest chunk of change. Perhaps they’re just trying to protect their employees from the temptations of “capitalist greed.”

The party’s website advocates the following:

  • “jobs program at union wages with childcare available”
  • “no cuts to Social Security, Medicaid or Medicare. Raise the minimum wage to $20 an hour. Provide a guaranteed annual income. Free medical care for all, including reproductive services and abortion.”

Reason.com posted the entire listing below:




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