Judge clears crowded courtroom after inmate claims he has Ebola; chaos ensues

According to a police report, Joseph Britton, 42, was drunk and screaming that he had Ebola when they arrested him in South Florida Thursday night.

Friday morning, during his first appearance in bond court on charges of battery, disorderly conduct and resisting arrest, the judge noticed the information on the report and took bold action.

“I’d back up. and I’d back up pretty quickly if I were you,” Broward County Judge John Hurley told the defendant’s acting attorney.

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The rest of the day was filled with more chaos as the prisoner was taken in full hazmat gear to a local hospital for testing. Broward County Sheriff Scott Israel held a news conference to explain the events to the public.

ebola 2
Cuffed prisoner transported in ambulence

“We don’t believe this inmate has Ebola, but we’ve taken what we feel is going to be a non-life-threatening situation and turned it into a training mission,” Israel said.

Broward County Sheriff Scott Israel

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