Ben Carson: I wouldn’t serve as Surgeon General if Obama asked me

Famous neurosurgeon and semi-politician, Dr. Ben Carson, made it clear he wouldn’t be a henchman for the president, even if he was offered a prestigious position in the three-ring circus known as the Obama administration.

“If President Obama called you up right now and said, ‘Dr. Carson, we need a surgeon general who will command respect and who will generate calm. Would you please serve?’” Salem Radio Network’s Hugh Hewitt asked. “Would you accept that?”

“No,” Carson replied, “because if I were going to serve in that position, I would have to serve under someone that I trusted.”

Hewitt said he was shocked at Carson’s answer, even after trying unsuccessfully to pull out the “but he’s the president of the United States” card.

Carson said he knows some people speaking for Obama right now are being restrained, including Dr. Thomas Frieden, director of the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. Carson implied he would never accept such conditions.

H/T: Mediaite

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